It's a Jungle Out There 

So we've been on the grind hard! Our album is plugging away nicely and is going to be probably the best thing you guys have ever heard. We are playing two more shows this month in Philly. One in Manayunk at The Grape Room (9/14) and one on South street at The Tusk (9/20). We are playing a show October 11th at The Fire in Philly to for charity which is going to be a great time. We are selling tickets for $10. ALSO, We are playing at the Ukrainian Homestead up in Lehighton PA November 1st for the All Hallows' Rager II: Wonkapocalypse. A three day fest in the woods. Some crazy shit going down. Hope to see you guys out at the next few shows.


HI guys we are supper sorry to announce that Shits and Giggles will be out very soon but just not this month. We WILL NOT RUSH THIS SHIT! When it's done it's done. Thanks everyone for their support and you are gona hear from us very soon!

Shits and Giggles Full Album Coming March 2019 

Coming MARCH 2019 "Shits and Giggles"! A collection of the most orgasmic jams ever heard before! Not some of that weak ass shit. Nah this is the good shit. Doin this shit in our basement in Philly. We got the Stu cookin this bad boi up. We gonna shovel this fucker out and give it a good ole rub and tug all over your plate of spaghetti. Watch out for MARCH BITCH 


Album art by: Mike Hanlon Insta: @theluckyprick



Sup Fuckers 

So as of now we are on a little break until our silly Brazilly comes up from Orlando. We are going to start playing shows again very soon. We have some SICK new merch designs on our merch page MERCH PAGE. Check it out! Cant wait for you guys to hear our new songs. 

State College PA 

YO PENN STATE IS FUCKIN WILD! Those fuckers know how to throw a party. Girls with Rob stickers on their titties. The whole nine yards. We had so much fun. Everyone there was super nice and made sure we were taken care of. The girls who owned the house we were at were really nice. pretty too. Cant wait to go back to Penn State. You fuckers are sick.

Penn State House Party 

Our stand in bassist got us a sick show at Pennsylvania State University. Gona be fuckin bonkers. I wana see everyone we know there to make this a legendary time. Its so early in the morning rn. idk why im up. Early bird gets the dick i suppose.


Tampa treated us pretty well. We had a great time playing The Brass Mug with our bois The Damnsels  and our new buddies Longfinger. Bubba The Love Sponge went so much better than we thought. We did get shot though. Not because we sucked. BECAUSE FUCKING JORDAN SAID FUCK ON THE RADIO. Damn Jew bastard. At least Phil and I (Brandon) toked a few bombs before that shit. The set was great we had some fun. Your mother came out to see us. That was a good time. I (Brandon) couldn't find Phil and her for hours. Whatever. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FROM BUBBA 


WE FOUND A SHOW IN THE NORTH EAST FINALLY. Since we don't have Philippee at the momentwe have to teach our stand in bassist (Jordan Bailey) all of our songs. He is doing really well a few messups but we are getting there. We are playing Connie's Ric Rac in Philly on Aug 9. Im pretty sure Bailey will be ready. But here is the really funny part. When we go to Tampa to play the radio show and the show with The Damnsels we are playing those with Phil. We have not practiced with him in a while so lets see what he remembers lol. GONA BE LIT

New Merch 

We finally have Beta Male on CD. We now have some merch to sell at the shows. Beta Male and Giggles Ep will be on display. FINALLY

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